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 Electronics & Controls Power Systems Private Ltd. is a well known name in the Indian UPS Industry. The company was founded by Mr. K. Ramachandra Iyer (“Iyer”) in the year 1978. Iyer was an alumni from the prestigious Madras Institute of Technology (“MIT”), Madras.

Subsequent to his B. Tech in Instrumentation Technology, Iyer was involved with research at the Indian Institute of Science. Being an Instrumentation Engineer, Iyer quit his precious career with DCM Limited and founded his own company. Initially, a Proprietary Concern, Electronics & Controls was into manufacturing and selling of measuring instruments like Digital Tachometers which are still being used by many customers. Being an astute engineer and an entrepreneur, Iyer designed and developed an indigenous Online UPS in 1984, when the concept of UPS was unheard of. Given the power situation in India, the online UPS became widely accepted and E&C came into being known as a reliable Online UPS manufacturer.


                                      K. Ramachandra Iyer

E&C was the first empanelled Online UPS supplier with the National Informatics Center, Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, which was set up for providing e-Government / e-Governance Solutions adopting best practices, integrated services and global solutions in Government Sector. Since empanelment, E&C has supplied online UPS to various Government projects across India. E&C has also supplied hundreds of Inverters from a dedicated manufacturing unit as per the Telecom Engineering Council (“TEC”) to Department of Telecommunications, Government of India when Trunk Dialing facilities were introduced in India during the telecom era.

Mr. Iyer was well respected in the Indian UPS Industry. People who were working in the organizations with which he has done business, still recall Iyer as a very ambitious, aggressive and dynamic person. Iyer had a very big circle of friends and professional contacts in the Indian Industry. He was awarded the prestigious “Udyoga Patra” award by the then Union Minister of Finance, Mr. Pranab Mukherjee at New Delhi. Though he was very busy with his entrepreneurial venture, he was a very active Rotarian and he also served as its President for Rotary Bangalore West Dist. 3190

Given the lack of transportation facilities during those days, Mr. Iyer travelled the nooks and corners of India in his own car. During one of his road trips from his factory in Pondicherry to Bangalore, Mr. Iyer met with a road accident in April 7, 1997 and eventually passed away. He had left a legacy behind him and it was a great challenge for the organization to continue the dream and plans that he had. Mr. Iyer’s wife, Mrs. Sundari Ramachandran and a close circle of employees took the responsibility of continuing the business of the company. The business of the proprietary concern “Electronics & Controls” was taken over by Electronics & Controls Power Systems Pvt Limited in the year 1997 and continues to be a closely held company since then.

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