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Electronics & Controls Power Systems Pvt. Ltd. popularly known as E&C is one of India’s most reputed manufacturers of Power solution products. With over three decades of experience in the field of Power electronics, E&C specializes in manufacturing Online UPS systems. With an extensive customer base across India, E&C is a well known brand enjoying a customer satisfaction rating of over 92%*.

E&C’s own customer support services are available in 12 regional offices and 48 dedicated service locations operating 24x7 across the country.

E&C is a major player in the Power Electronics industry in India serving a wide range of customers including Banks, Government, Manufacturing, Retail and Corporate Customers.

An ISO 9001:2008 accredited company; E&C follows very high quality standards for all its power products combining this with a strong Research and development team. E&C products are CE certified and have been tested by ETDC, SAMEER and ERTL for industry set parameters as well and environmental and safety standards.

E&C has manufacturing facilities in Bangalore and Pondicherry of over 30,000 sq feet is well equipped with modern manufacturing and testing facilities. Very high quality parameters are laid for incoming raw material and finished products are subjected to rigorous tests to ensure high reliability of the end product. Delivery timeliness is monitored and maintained at 95%.

E&C employs SAP to manage inventory, purchase, finance and service to achieve high perfection levels.


  • Research and Development – Standard and custom development of products to suit any special requirements.
  • Manufacturing facilities – Fully equipped and company owned factories for production and timely delivery to its customers
  • Product Portfolio and Capability – Wide range of products to meet every customer’s needs
  • Sales & Marketing Infrastructure – 12 Regional Offices
  • Customer Support Services – Dedicated company owned service team for 24 x 7 support and maintenance
  • Surround Services – Load Assessment, Wiring and Upgradation


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